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Fundación MAPFRE

Fundación MAPFRE

Fundación MAPFRE is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 with origin of Spain and it enables a portion of MAPFRE’s profits realized through commercial activities to be used for the welfare and socio-cultural improvement of society, especially disadvantaged communities. Although MAPFRE is the majority shareholder of the Foundation with a share of 68.7%, the Foundation’s work and MAPFRE’s commercial activities are completely separated from each other.

Fundación MAPFRE works to make economic, social and cultural improvements to the lives of most disadvantaged individuals and communities in society. The Foundation not only works on a global scale directly for the benefit of society, but also cooperates with many institutions, non-governmental organizations, museums, foundations and associations.

The Foundation’s work focuses on five key areas:

  • Prevention and Road Safety
  • Insurance and Social Protection
  • Culture
  • Social Action
  • Health Promotion

Running its operations in Turkey through MAPFRE Sigorta, Fundación MAPFRE carries out many social responsibility projects focusing on health, road safety and social development, considering the problems and requirements of the society in which it is based.

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Fundación MAPFRE

Only societies who support the development of its citizens have a future. Based on this fact, Fundación MAPFRE aims to provide a comprehensive education, focusing mainly on children and young people who are in a disadvantaged position in society. The Foundation sees comprehensive education as a basic requirement which is critical for a person to realize his/her growth and self-development. For this reason, the Foundation works in cooperation with local organizations on projects that support nutrition, health, education and access to employment.

Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer KAÇUV

Fundación MAPFRE’s activities in Turkey in Social Action Area focus on nutrition, education and health. In collaboration of Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV), the Foundation has recently launched its Education Portal for Families of Children with Cancer, which is the first of its kind in Turkey in the field of childhood cancer. The portal, which aims to give families access to the right information about their children’s disease and treatment, and ensure they are better informed, can be reached at www.cocukkanseri.org. Families are able to access educational videos on different topics such as types of cancer, treatment methods and issues to pay attention in terms of the child’s psychological condition, along with various books, brochures and articles on cancer and treatment methods. In addition, parents has chance to speak to specialists through the live seminars that are conducted on the portal and ask questions about issues on which they would like to be informed.

Turkish Education Foundation (TEV)

Meanwhile, within the scope of the project carried out in collaboration with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), Fundación MAPFRE provided educational scholarships to 33 university students in the 2016-2017 academic year. This number was raised to 48 students in the 2017-2018 academic year. Committed to its sensitivity to disabilities, 10 students with disabilities in the first year and 15 in the second were especially selected.


Also, with the collaboration that began in 2017, the annual nutrition expenses of 30 students at Darüşşafaka are also covered by Fundación MAPFRE. Please click here to get more detailed information about Fundación MAPFRE’s collaborations aimed at encouraging societal development in 23 countries.

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