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Machinery Breakdown Insurance

he machinery you operate at your business faces numerous different risks every day. If anything happens it can lead to the halting of work or disruption of production, bringing about substantial costs.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance allows you to protect yourself against potential risks and large-scale losses.

Get Machinery Breakdown Insurance and guarantee the continuity of your business.

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  • Operating errors (maintenance errors, incorrect use, lubrication faults, etc.)
  • Damages arising due to negligence or carelessness on the part of employees or third parties
  • Environmental causes (storms, frost, movement of melting ice, etc.)
  • Electrical and atmospheric events (short circuits, sparks, high voltage and induction, insulation faults)
  • Breakdown due to centrifugal force
  • Water cogging, sudden heating and cooling, contraction
  • Congestion or infiltration with impurities, and other Machinery Breakdown Insurance elements which are not noted here

  • Strikes, lock-outs, commotion, public disturbances, acts of terrorism and sabotage
  • Express shipping, overtime, leave-pay and raises
  • Foundations and bases of the machinery
  • Lost profits due to machinery breakdown
  • Extended motor insurance supplementary coverage for moving machines (particularly construction machinery)

* The coverage elements above can be expanded with the inclusion of risks such as impacts, crashes, rollovers, landslides, fires, lightning, earthquakes, or floods as well.

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