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Shipping Commodity Insurance

The timely and requirement-compliant delivery of cargo entails a major responsibility. When realizing that responsibility, the potential negative issues that may arise should not be disregarded.

Shipping Commodity Insurance provides coverage against any damage or loss your cargo may suffer en route from a location to another over a means of transportation (maritime, air, highways, railways).

Get Shipping Commodity Insurance and let us take care of the burden of unexpected damages and losses.

Full Loss: Provides coverage against the risk of complete damage to the goods along with the carrier, so as to cause a total loss of its value.

Limited Coverage: The type of coverage providing assurance against partial risks such as the accidents the carrier vehicle may incur (running aground, capsizing, conflict, overturning, derailment, etc.), fire, and explosions, in addition to the risk of full loss of the goods.

Expanded Coverage: Provides assurances against all physical loss and damages incurred on the covered cargo as a result of an unexpected or unforeseen sudden accident and/or incident and provides coverage for your property against “all risks”.


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