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Commercial Package Insurance

Commercial Package Insurance
We are aware that the risks incurred by larger enterprises are also large. But who do you trust with these crucial risks that may have significant consequences?
At MAPFRE SİGORTA we used our international expertise and experience to develop Commercial Package Insurance. This product provides economic assurance for all the assets and property dear to you; from your clients to your employees, from machinery to electronic devices.
Thanks to Commercial Package Insurance both your customers and those around you are safe!
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•    Fire, lightning and explosions
•    Internal water
•    Smoke
•    Storm
•    Snow Weight
•    Landslide
•    Vehicle impact
•    Debris removal costs

The package can be customized by adding the Fire Insurance Optional Supplementary Additional Coverage elements listed below as per the requirements of the insured.
•    Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Act, Terrorism
•    Earthquake
•    Fire liability
•    Tenant’s Liability
•    Landlord’s Liability
•    Neighbors Liability  
•    Flood and inundation
•    Theft
•    Glass and mirror breakage
The following branches can be included in the policy coverage as per the insured’s requests.
•    Loss of profit due to fire
•    Electronic Equipment Insurance
•    Machinery Breakdown
•    Employer's Liability
•    Third party Liability
•    Cash in Transit
•    Fidelity
•    Personal Accident
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