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Super SME Insurance

Super SME Insurance
It’s taken you a huge effort to build up your business and yet it faces numerous different risks every day, regardless of the scale of operations. Wouldn’t you like to get coverage against unexpected cases and minimize potential risks to protect this huge investment into your future?
With MAPFRE SİGORTA Super SME Insurance we offer you complete coverage in a single product.
Super SME Insurance. Get it now and don’t leave the fate of your business to chance!
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•    Fire, lightning and explosion
•    Earthquake
•    Internal water
•    Smoke
•    Storms
•    Snow Weight
•    Landslide
•    Vehicle impact
•    Debris removal costs
•    Super SME assistance services
•    Super SME Extensions

•    Protection against under-insurance
•    Alternative workplace expenses
•    Loss of rent
•    Landslide caused by excavation works
•    Hail
•    Insulation shortcomings
•    Property of employees and customers
•    Sprinkler leakage coverage
•    Architecture-engineering consulting expenses after damage
•    Electrical damages
•    Implosion damages
•    Accidental breakage
•    Director’s & Officer’s Liability Cover

The package can be customized by adding the Fire Insurance Optional Supplementary Coverage elements listed below as per the requirements of the insured:
•    Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Act, Terrorism
•    Fire liability
•    Tenant’s Liability
•    Landlord’s Liability
•    Neighbors Liability
•    Flood and inundation
•    Theft
•    Glass and mirror breakage
The following branches can be included in the policy coverage as per the insured’s requests:
•    Loss of profits due to fire
•    Electronic Equipment Insurance
•    Machinery Breakdown
•    Employer's Liability
•    Third party Liability
•    Cash in Transit
•    Fidelity
•    Personal Accident

•    Installation works
•    Electrical works
•    Locksmith works
•    Glass replacements
•    Doctor or ambulance dispatch
•    Coverage of travel expenses incurred arising from damage to the workplace
•    Security services
•    Transportation of the body in case of death
•    Coverage of travel expenses in case of physical injury or sudden illness incurred by an employee during an overseas business trip
•    Payment of insured’s bills
•    Information and organization
•    Professional workplace services arrangements
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