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Casco Insurance

We are well aware that you truly care for your vehicle and would hate for anything to happen to it. And you are right... so how about working with a solution partner that values your vehicle as much as you do?
MAPFRE SİGORTA developed its truly Casco Insurance to make life a little easier. Thanks to this product providing true security your vehicle is covered by us at all times.
Take a breath, enjoy driving and let us worry about the risks.

You can contact our sales channels for detailed information.

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  • Vehicle crash with motor vehicles or other vehicles that can be used on highways or railways.
  • Accidents such as collisions with a standing or moving object, overturnings, falls or rollings.
  • Accidents caused by individuals lacking juridical capacity, as well as other third parties acting with ill-will or intending to play a prank.
  • Burning of the vehicle.
  • Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle or its parts.
  • Claims arising from strikes, lock-outs, disturbances, civil commotion, or acts of terrorism, as well as interventions by government authorities to lessen their effects.
  • Claims arising from flooding and floods.
  • Fire claims for fires caused due to reasons other than contact with cigarettes or similar materials.
  • Claims arising from the towage of vehicles in breach of the regulations, or by unauthorized individuals.
  • Claims arising from damage caused to the vehicle by rodents.
  • New Vehicle Value maintenance coverage for brand new vehicles.
  • A substitute vehicle for repairs extending beyond 48 hours for private cars and trucks with up to 4 seats.

  • Earthquake, storm, and hailstorm claims.
  • Loss of vehicle key
  • Claims arising from theft or armed robbery leading to the loss of the vehicle’s key.
  • Theft of vehicles entrusted to a parking lot or valet service with document as evidence.
  • Residence and Automobile Adaptation Coverage.
  • Mini Repairs Coverage.
  • Private Belongings Coverage.
  • Personal Accident Coverage per Seat.
  • Increasing Financial Liability Insurance.
  • Legal Protection Coverage.

  • Vehicle tow and rescue.
  • Vehicle door lock services (for private cars).
  • Tire change service (for private cars).
  • Vehicle towage in case of running out of gas (for private cars).
  • Accommodation or travel required due to a vehicle breakdown or accident.
  • Travel and accommodation due to the theft of the vehicle.
  • Transportation and custody and maintenance of the repaired or found vehicle.
  • Professional driver service.
  • Spare part supply and delivery arrangements.
  • Transportation or return to the place of permanent residence in case of the beneficiary’s illness or injury.
  • Transportation of accompanying beneficiaries or their return to their permanent residence.
  • Travel and accommodation for one of the members of the insured’s family.
  • Travel expenses arising in the aftermath of the death of a close relative.
  • Medical assistance to be provided to the beneficiary due to injury or illness outside the country of permanent residence.
  • Extension of the duration of stay due to illness or injury of the beneficiary outside the country of permanent residence.
  • Transportation of the deceased beneficiary and his/her company.
  • Medicine dispatch.
  • Coverage of travel expenses arising from damage to the house.
  • Delivery of urgent messages.
  • The finding and delivery to the insured of his/her luggage and personal belongings.
  • Luggage lost during scheduled air travel.
  • Legal defense.
  • Legal bail.
  • Information and organization services.
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