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Home Insurance

Your home is your sanctuary; the living space you share with your loved ones. It is also a very important investment for your future...But are you aware of the tens of risks such an important asset incurs each day?
We don’t know about you, but it’s our job to think about and provide comprehensive coverage for these risks. Designed with the help of our years of experience, Modern Assurance Insurance for Homes provides assurances for your home and the people in it.
Come and get Modern Assurance Insurance for Homes and feel at ease without worrying about your home or your belongings.

You can contact our sales channels for detailed information.

Tümünü Göster

•    Fire, explosion, lightning
•    Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Act, Terrorism
•    Flood
•    Storm
•    Snow weight
•    Landslides
•    Internal water
•    Smoke
•    Fuel leaks
•    Vehicle impacts
•    Aerial vehicle impacts
•    Sea vehicle impacts
•    Debris removal costs
•    Burglary
•    Accidental breakage
•    Glass and mirror breakage
•    Fire liability
•    Loss of rent
•    Alternative residence and moving costs
•    Third party liability
•    Fixed decor
•    Electronic equipment coverage
•    Armed robbery, theft and pickpocketing coverage
•    Coverage for goods outside the residence
•    Coverage for goods belonging to third parties in the residence
•    House adaptation
•    Earthquake (optional when requested)
•    Home assistance services (unlimited)
•    Inflationary adjustment advantage

•    Installation works
•    Electrical works
•    Glass replacements
•    Locksmith costs
•    Rescue in case of inability to leave the home
•    Doctor call-out or ambulance dispatch
•    Specialist nurse or hospital attendant call-out
•    Respiratory therapist call-out
•    Services to an insured who has recently given birth and her newborn
•    Hotel services
•    Security services
•    Assistance for inpatient treatments
•    Coverage of travel expenses arising from damage to the house.
•    Travel expenses arising in the aftermath of the death of an immediate relative
•    Teacher home visits
•    Cash advances
•    Payment protection
•    Delivery of urgent messages.
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