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Claims Process

You can call our Customer Center on 0850 755 0 755 for details about your claims.

Tümünü Göster

  • Certified civil registry extract
  • Medical report describing the cause of death or burial permit certificate
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Declaration of absence to be obtained from court in case of disappearance
  • If the cause of death is traffic accident, accident report and autopsy report, if any
  • If the cause of death is a disease, hospital reports regarding the date when the disease was diagnosed, epicrisis report, health record
  • Tax and transfer letter
  • ID copy of beneficiar(ies)

  • Letter of application including the indemnity claim and ID photocopy
  • Disability report to be obtained from a state-owned general hospital
  • In case of disability as a result of accident, accident report showing how and when the accident happened in addition to these documents
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