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If you are the operator of a car dealership or automobile service station, Automobile Plaza Package Insurance is what you need to provide coverage against all the risks you may face through a single policy!
Our Automobile Plaza Package Insurance, developed specifically for your line of business, provides coverage not only for your business, but also for your customers and their vehicles. You can offer outstanding solutions thanks to the comprehensive supplementary benefits we have been offering.
Discover Automobile Plaza Package Insurance right away and enjoy the pleasure of safety.

Are the vehicles kept outdoors at my business covered?

Vehicles kept outdoors shall be covered by the policy, provided that they are included in the sum insured as specified in the policy and that the risk site is protected with a guard and/or security staff, as well as a wire fence and/or perimeter wall.

Can I get coverage for the damages which may be inflicted on the vehicles during the test drives by my customers?

Car insurance claims that may arise due to crashes by or with the vehicle, overturning’s and fire only (with the exception of theft claims) during the test drives to be performed within the route specified on the policy by the customers (within the distance limit in terms of km), under the supervision of the relevant official of the insured, for the brand new vehicles exhibited by the insured for sale purposes, are covered subject to the following deductible provisions and the special terms, as well as the applicable General Terms of Motor Insurance, with a limit of TRY 50,000 per incident/vehicle and throughout the term of the policy. A deductible discount of TRY 250 shall apply per vehicle for each claim.

Will damages that may arise while washing third parties’ vehicles at my business be covered?

Damages incurred by third party vehicles located at the risk site for maintenance-repair, etc. purposes, shall be covered under Third Party Liability coverage, subject to a limit of TRY 5,000 per incident and TRY 10,000 throughout the policy term.

What should you take into consideration when getting insurance for your workplace?

When getting insurance for your company, you should make sure that the insurance value of the building is established properly. The building’s insurance value refers to the cost that will apply for the reconstruction of the insurance site, in accordance with its existing construction form. Under no circumstances should the insurance value be based on the sale price. The price of the plot should not be added to the building’s insurance value. In case of decor applied at the insured site, the figure regarding such decor can be added onto the insurance value of the building. The insured’s statement shall be taken into account when setting the insurance value for assets such as fixtures, machinery, or commodities. However, documents such as the invoice and inventory records for the insured goods may be required upon a damage claim.

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