KVKK Data Protection


The basic information on the protection of personal data submitted to MAPFRE (MAPFRE Sigorta A.Ş.) is given in this section. In order to fulfill the information responsibility defined in Article 10 of the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”) and Article 5 of the Regulation on Processing of Personal Health Data and Ensuring their Privacy (“Regulation”), MAPFRE presents the following explanations to the attention of our customers and third parties who use our website.

1. What is the legal basis for collection of personal data?

Your personal data is processed on the basis of the articles 5/1 and 5/2 of KVKK.

2. What are the methods of MAPFRE for collection of personal data?

Your personal data, the data provided by our customers who contact with channels such as the Head Office, Regional Offices, agencies, brokers, call center and contracted health institutions, or who perform online transactions, as well as the data provided by our group insurance customers related with their employees, are treated with consent of our customers and in accordance with the legislative provisions.

We would like to remind you that www.mapfre.com.tr website belonging to MAPFRE is a site that uses cookies. A cookie is a file consisting mostly of letters and numbers and allows the device to be identified by being stored on the Internet browser or hard disk of this device. You can find detailed explanations about the cookies used in the website on our homepage.

Our principle is that the personal data shared with MAPFRE is shared directly by the insured with open will. On the other hand, MAPFRE reserves the right to obtain personal data from public bodies, which we have the right to obtain information under the law, particularly from the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, and from our contracted institutions that provide service to our policyholders.

3. What are the aims of MAPFRE for using personal data?

In line with and to extent permitted by legislative provisions, MAPFRE is entitled to record, store, update, explain and transfer to the third parties, classify and process your personal data.

Your personal data are used for the following purposes:

  • confirmation of the identity details of the person who performs/instructs the transaction,
  • recording the address and other required information for contact purposes,
  • contact with our customers related with the conditions or current status of the insurance contract,
  • informing our customers about any changes in your insurance contract,
  • issuance of any records and documents that may constitute basis for the transaction on the electronic (web/mobile etc.) or printed environment,
  • fulfillment of the obligations assumed as per the insurance contract,
  • disclosure of the insurance utilization information of their employees to the organizations that took our group (health) insurance for their employees,
  • on the condition that the customer gives consent, processing of personal data for providing special advertisement, sending all kinds of commercial electronic and written messages, promotional and other benefits, performing customer segmentation based on the data obtained, performing surveys and telemarketing activities, data mining and other statistical analyzes, development and improvement of customer data quality, considering and taking loyalty actions for customer management, cross-sale actions and actions for retrieving any customers lost and conducting their management, and in order to make benefit and sales offers regarding our products and services by using our customers’ information (demographics, shopping, visit, offer, survey responses, social media identity, web site navigation, motion and location information in mobile apps and other information collected through all channels without being limited to the above), communicating with our customers through any means such as phone, text message, multi-message (MMS), e-mail, fax, messages displayed on web pages via cookies, location information in mobile applications, push notifications and automatic search machines,
  • informing our customers about any services offered to them by our contracted hospitals, repair shops, experts and other contracted persons and institutions, agencies, brokers and other solution partners and provision of other services arising from performance of insurance contract,
  • evaluation of the customer complaints and suggestions related with our products and services,
  • fulfillment of our obligations arising from KVKK and exercise of our rights arising from the legislation.

4. How does MAPFRE protect your personal data?

Any personal data shared with MAPFRE are under supervision and control of MAPFRE. By virtue of the provisions of the applicable legislation, MAPFRE assumes the responsibility in the capacity of data supervisor for establishment of the required organization as well as taking and adaptation of any technical measures in order to protect confidentiality and integrity of personal data. We would also like to inform you that we always update our data processing policies in line with national and international technical standards on data protection.

5. Does MAPFRE share your personal data?

Personal data of our customers are shared with third persons with consent of our customers and in principle, personal data may not be disclosed to third persons without consent of our customer.

Moreover, personal data are shared with any party including but without limitation to courts and other governmental offices subject to our legal obligations. Besides, personal data are disclosed to the contracted third parties for provision of the services we promised and performance of quality control of the services provided.

Any technical and legal measures required for prevention of infringement of rights that may arise during transmission of data to third persons are taken. However, MAPFRE is not responsible for violations arising from the third party’s data protection policies and the risk area under the responsibility of the third party.

6. Does MAPFRE share your personal data with 3rd parties based abroad?

MAPFRE may share personal data with MAPFRE Group (refers to MAPFRE S.A. and/or its affiliated companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures and all branches and offices of them as well as Tur Assist Yardım ve Servis Ltd. Şti that we take call center service), the institutions and organizations that we cooperate for execution of insurance operations, with domestic/foreign reinsurance companies, any domestic/foreign persons and entities that we receive service for storing data on cloud environment, any domestic/foreign institutions with which we made contract for transmission of commercial electronic messages to our customers, survey companies within the scope of various marketing operations aiming at providing better services to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction and other domestic/foreign third persons.

7. What are your rights as per personal data protection law?

As per KVKK, our customers are entitled:

(a) to learn whether their personal data are processed or not
(b) if processed, to request information
(c) to learn the purpose of processing and whether such data are used for the intended purposes or not
(d) to learn the identity of third parties who received such data at home or abroad
(e) if their data are underprocessed or misprocessed, to demand correction of them
(f) to demand deletion/destruction of such data under the conditions specified in Article 7 of KVKK
(g) to request notification of transactions effected pursuant to subparagraphs (d) and (e) hereinabove to persons to whom the data are transferred
(h) to object against a result obtained against them due to analysis of such data solely via automatic systems
(i) we would like to remind you that if they incur damages due to processing of their data in violation of KVKK, you have a right to demand indemnification of your damages.

8. How can I be informed about legislative changes on personal data?

Your rights about KVKK are MAPFRE responsibilities at the same time. We would like to inform you that we process your data in line with the legislation and in case of any legislative changes we will update the information published in our website in order for you to follow them easily.

9. How can I be sure that the stored data is up to date and correct?

In line with Article 4 of KVKK MAPFRE is responsible for storing your data correctly and up to date. In this context, our customers should share their correct and most recent data with MAPFRE in order for us to fulfill our legislative requirements. When your personal data is changed, we invite you to update your data by contacting with us through the communication channels mentioned below.

10. Would you like to ask questions to MAPFRE about your personal data?

You may contact us regarding your rights as per personal data protection law through our related KVKK application form located in “Communication” section of our website (https://www.mapfre.com.tr/sigorta-tr/iletisim/kvkk-basvuru-formu.jsp)