Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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We are the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world, the largest multinational insurance company in Latin America and one of the 15 largest European groups in terms of premium volume.We serve 26 million people around the world who rely on us every day.

As MAPFE Sigorta we have various health insurance packages.

3S Medical Package


  • Thanks to the 3S Medical Insurance System designed to meet any requirements and budget constraints, you can do away with any economic concerns you might have when it comes to medical problems, and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Fark York Complementary Insurance


  • MAPFRE SİGORTA saves those insured by SGK from paying the co-pay figure at contracted hospitals! Get Fark Yok Complimentary Health Insurance at unbelievably affordable prices, and enjoy the services of contracted institutions without any co-pay.

Emergency Situations Insurance


  • MAPFRE SİGORTA AVS covers emergency treatment costs you may incur in the event of illnesses and/or accidents deemed emergencies by the World Health Organization.
    Get AVS and obtain financial security in the face of any sudden onset of emergencies.

Critical Illness Insurance


  • We designed Critical Illness Insurance, so that you don’t feel alone when faced with illness exacerbated by financial issues.
    Discover THS and put your financial worries to one side during those trying times!

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