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A first for those insured by the Social Security Institution (SGK)!

MAPFRE SIGORTA saves those insured by SGK from paying the co-pay figure at contracted hospitals! Get ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Complementary Health Insurance at unbelievably affordable prices, and enjoy the services of contracted institutions without any co-pay.

With ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance, we provide complete assurance under the MAPFRE SIGORTA umbrella, for those insured by SGK, as well as their spouses and children.
We offer ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance to provide support regarding costly medical expenses and to increase the standards of medical services provided at private medical institutions under SGK coverage.

The network developed specifically for ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance allows you to enjoy high-quality medical services provided by staff physicians covered by the agreement with the SGK, at all branches specified in the license issued by the Ministry of Health at the contracted medical institutions (on an outpatient as well as inpatient basis), within the framework of insurance coverage.
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The supplementary fees which may arise for general health insurance recipients covered by the SGK, as well as their dependents who receive medical services at the medical services providers included in MAPFRE SIGORTA’s network and which have agreements/protocols with the SGK, are covered under the General Terms of Health Insurance and the special terms of ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance.
  • Inpatient Treatment Coverage

    For disorders that occur after the insured’s start date, the expenses incurred for inpatient treatment for internal and/or surgical procedures, medical expenses related to life-threatening emergencies, and minor interventions are covered, provided that such are required medically and the doctor provides detailed justification in his/her report.

  • Outpatient Treatment Coverage

    Doctor examinations, analyses, radiology, modern diagnosis methods and physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses for disorders occurring after the insured’s start date are considered within the scope of outpatient treatment. In cases where outpatient treatment coverage is extended, the treatment costs shall be covered in line with the limit stipulated on the policy.

    Medicine and vaccine expenses are not covered by the policy.

  • Important Issues and Some Exception

    For the ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance policy to take effect, the General Health Insurance provided by the SGK should be active.
    The coverage elements stipulated in the policy shall apply only for the individuals named on the policy.
    The expenses incurred for treatments at non-contracted entities, including those for emergencies, shall not be covered.
    No waiting periods other than those applied by the SGK shall be required under the policy.
    As no risk analysis regarding existing conditions shall be performed at the time of application for ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance, any medical expenses incurred for conditions for which the insured visited a medical institution and was diagnosed, treated and/or recommended treatment with reference to a complaint and/or condition existing before the policy start date, as well as for recurrence and complications thereof, shall not be covered by the policy.
    Medical services not included under the SGK shall not be covered.

How much does ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance cost?
The premium figure varies according to a number of factors, such as your status as an active employee, your age, and the region you live in. By clicking on this link, you can get instant detailed information about the applicable policy price.
Can I get discounts if I get this insurance for my whole family?
Family discounts are not available for this product.
Who can purchase the Complementary Health Insurance policy?
Policies can be issued to anyone who is covered by the SGK, and who is no older than 60.
The advertisements mention Medical Park Hospitals specifically. Can I go to other hospitals as well?
Yes. The list of other service providers in the network is available on the In-Network Service Providers page. You can go to all the hospitals on the list.
Can I cancel my policy whenever I like?
Yes, you can cancel your policy whenever you want. The policy can be canceled with reference to the remaining number of days. The refundable premium figure will be established on the basis of the time frame that follows the policy start date, and the total benefits paid under the insurance. The terms of cancellation are specified in detail in the Special Terms of the Policy.
Will I pay a fee when I visit a hospital?
For covered treatments in line with the Special Terms of the Policy, you will not be charged any amounts, with the exception of the 12 TRY you are legally required to pay for doctor examinations under the SGK system.
Under the SGK system, my whole family receives medical services based on my insurance premium. Will the premium I pay cover the whole family under this policy as well?
No; separate premiums should be paid for each insured individual.
For how long the policy remain in effect?
The policy shall be in effect for 1 year following the policy start date.
I am employed at the moment. Will the policy expire when I retire?
No. Different prices apply for employees and dependents. After your retirement, you can get your insurance policy at the price applicable to dependents.
Are there any age limits? Can my newborn baby be covered right away?
Anyone who is covered by the SGK and who is not older than 60 years old can purchase this policy. In the case the insured was 56 years old or older at the time of the first policy issuance, no renewals will be provided after the age of 60. Individuals who were insured for the first time within the framework of ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance at the age of 55 or younger, may continue to purchase the policy after the age of 60, provided that no interruption occurred in the policy coverage. Newborn babies can be covered by their individual insurance policies after 14 days following birth.
I have pre-existing conditions. Will you cover my treatment costs for these?
The treatment costs for conditions pre-existing as of the policy start date shall not be covered.
If I pay my own bill, will you refund this to me when I submit the bill to you? What is the refund rate?
No; this policy does not offer refund procedures.
Do you cover medicine?
No; this policy does not provide coverage for medicine.
Do you issue a receipt upon my payment of the policy premium? Can I get tax deductions with that receipt?
Yes, you can get a receipt for your premium payments, and use that receipt to apply for tax deductions.
How can I pay for my policy premium? Do you offer discounts on advance payments? Do you offer installment options?
You can pay your policy premium with your credit card. You can pay in advance or in 9 installments using your credit card. No discounts apply for advance payments.
Are plastic surgery, cosmetic and dietitian treatments, etc. covered?
Those plastic surgery, cosmetic and dietitian treatments, etc. covered by the SGK are also covered by the policy.
Will there be a waiting period under the policy?
The policy does not apply any waiting periods, save for those imposed by the SGK.
Do you cover treatment costs incurred abroad?
No; the policy applies only inside Turkey.
What should I do for medicine I use on a continuous basis? Will the policy cover medicine used continuously?
No; the policy does not offer medicine coverage.
Can I get eye glasses under the policy?
No; the policy does not offer coverage for eye glasses.
Is Life-Long Renewal Guarantee applicable?
The “Life-Long Renewal Guarantee” is given subject to the terms determined as a result of a risk analysis, on the condition that the insured maintains ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance with MAPFRE SİGORTA A.Ş. for three years without interruption, that he/she was originally included in the insurance coverage before the age of 55, and that his/her average loss ratio for the last three years remains under 80%.
I am a foreign national, but I work in Turkey and am registered with SGK. Can I buy the Complementary Health Insurance policy?
Anyone covered by the General Health Insurance offered by the SGK can buy this policy.
I am a student. I am a dependent of my parent in terms of insurance. Can I buy the Complementary Health Insurance policy?
Anyone covered by the General Health Insurance offered by the SGK can buy this policy. (Provided that the policy holder is older than 18 years of age, babies older than 14 days can also be insured).
What is the difference between Private Health Insurance and Complementary Health Insurance?
The Complementary Health Insurance product can be bought only by individuals covered by SGK. Private Health Insurance does not entail that requirement. The network as well as the coverage structure of the two products differ.
Do you cover the fee for medical reports?
No, such fees are not covered.
Are medical products covered by the policy?
Medicine costs are not covered.
Are dental treatments and dentist fees covered by the policy?
The Emergency Dental Coverage applies only for the treatments included in the dental package, and at the service providers to which you will be directed according to your location, on the basis of them being included in the network for this coverage element.
Are eye treatments and eye surgeries covered by the policy?
Eye glass, lens, frame and contact lens expenses and all costs related to them are outside the policy coverage. Eye examinations and eye surgeries approved by the SGK for conditions which do not pre-exist the policy start date, are covered.
Information and documents you may need with respect to the product you are interested in are provided below. Should you have any questions, you can get even more detailed information by contacting our nearest agency.

Informatıon Form of Fark Yok Complimentary Health Insurance
Special Terms of Fark Yok Complimentary Health Insurance

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