Green Card Insurance

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Are you planning on using your vehicle abroad, but are worried about the potential problems you might face? Worry no more because now you can get yourself Green Card Insurance.

The Green Card Insurance covers you for any costs you may incur with respect to vehicles or third parties that may be damaged/injured as a result of an accident on your international* travels.

Discover MAPFRE SİGORTA’s Green Card Insurance and banish the stress of driving during your travels abroad.

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What is Green Card Insurance?
The Green Card Insurance provides coverage up to the local Statutory Traffic Insurance limits applicable in the country of coverage with a view to protecting the interests of the injured parties in accidents motor vehicle drivers may cause during their travels to the countries included in the Green Card System.
How much is Green Card Insurance?

Pricing for Green Card Insurance is set by the Motor Vehicles Bureau of Turkey. Click here for pricing.

Which countries are covered by Green Card Insurance? (*)

Click here for the countries covered by Green Card Insurance.

Where can I get more detailed information on Green Card Insurance?

Click here to get more detailed information on Green Card Insurance.