History Of MAPFRE

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A 90-year story that turned into a world giant: MAPFRE Group

  • The MAPFRE Group was founded in Spain in 1933 as the Mutual Insurance Company of the Spanish Association of Rural Property Owners.
  • In 1955 it laid the foundations of the organisation we know today and initially expanded its activities into other insurance areas such as Life, Accident and Transport.
  • In 1975, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE started its activities and in the ’80s, as the leading insurance company in Spain, it began to make major investments in Latin America.
  • In the ’90s these investments resulted in the creation of an insurance network serving local needs and similar to the successful Spanish model.
  • Since 2000, the rapid growth of MAPFRE Group companies in Latin America has been coupled with the diversification of marketing channels in Spain.
  • FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE becomes the largest shareholder in MAPFRE, S.A., the new company that integrates the activities of the entire Group.
  • In 2012, Antonio Huertas became President and CEO of the Group, a multinational insurance company with a presence in 49 countries and doing business in more than 100 countries.