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Your home is your sanctuary; the living space you share with your loved ones. It is also a very important investment for your future…But are you aware of the tens of risks such an important asset incurs each day?
We don’t know about you, but it’s our job to think about and provide comprehensive coverage for these risks. Designed with the help of our years of experience, Modern Assurance Insurance for Homes provides assurances for your home and the people in it.
Come and get Modern Assurance Insurance for Homes and feel at ease without worrying about your home or your belongings.

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Scope of Coverage

  • Fire, explosion, lightning
  • Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Act, Terrorism
  • Flood
  • Storm
  • Snow weight
  • Landslides
  • Internal water
  • Smoke
  • Fuel leaks
  • Vehicle impacts
  • Aerial vehicle impacts
  • Sea vehicle impacts
  • Debris removal costs
  • Burglary
  • Accidental breakage
  • Glass and mirror breakage
  • Fire liability
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative residence and moving costs
  • Third party liability
  • Fixed decor
  • Electronic equipment coverage
  • Armed robbery, theft and pickpocketing coverage
  • Coverage for goods outside the residence
  • Coverage for goods belonging to third parties in the residence
  • House adaptation
  • Earthquake (optional when requested)
  • Home assistance services (unlimited)
  • Inflationary adjustment advantage

Home Assistance Services

  • Installation works
  • Electrical works
  • Glass replacements
  • Locksmith costs
  • Rescue in case of inability to leave the home
  • Doctor call-out or ambulance dispatch
  • Specialist nurse or hospital attendant call-out
  • Hotel services
  • Assistance for inpatient treatments
  • Coverage of travel expenses arising from damage to the house.
  • Travel expenses arising in the aftermath of the death of an immediate relative
  • Payment protection
  • Delivery of urgent messages
What is the basis of the building’s insurance value when buying a home insurance policy?
When setting the building’s insurance value, the reconstruction cost rather than the sale value should be taken into account. The gross floor space of your building in m² is multiplied by the unit construction costs announced by the Ministry of Housing and Development, while the plot value is not taken into consideration. Furthermore, special decor installed in the building should also be included in the price. For instance, a full-masonry constructed 100m² apartment would have an insurance value of; 100m² x TRY 700/m²: TRY 70,000; Decor costs: TRY 10,000; Overall building cost: TRY 80,000.
What basis is used in deciding the furnishings insurance value when buying a home insurance policy?
When setting the furnishings insurance value, the figure should be set with reference to the current repurchase value of the furnishings in the residence. The furnishings coverage provided in the home insurance policy is subject to the New Value Principle and disregards any wear and tear that furnishings other than clothing and apparel may have incurred prior to the damage.
Is there a valuable goods coverage included in the home insurance package?
Valuable goods are covered up to the limit specified in the policy. Coverage requests for distinct figures can be reviewed separately.
What should I do to get earthquake coverage within the framework of the home insurance package?
In order to get the earthquake coverage, the insured who is the owner of the building should first procure Statutory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP). The home insurance package for buildings valued in excess of the TCIP insurance figure includes an optional Discretionary Earthquake Coverage. In case of policies that include only furnishings coverage, on the other hand, the Earthquake Coverage can still be obtained to match the price of furnishings specified on the policy.
How does the Glass Breakage Coverage provided under the home insurance package work?
The Glass Breakage Coverage under the policy is set to 300 TRY for the building and 300 TRY for the furnishings, amounting to a total of 600 TRY, and requires no supplementary premiums for such limit. Should you require further limits, they can be included in the policy on the basis of a supplementary premium.
What is Inflationary Adjustment Advantage?
Provided that the insurance figure is set fully and accurately at the beginning of the insurance term, it is covered against inflation up to a rate of 15% as agreed between the parties. The inflation rate agreed between the insured and the insurer will be divided by 365 to find the daily rate and multiplied by the number of days from the insurance commencement date to the claim date to calculate the inflation rate applicable as of the date of claim (to adjust the insurance value at the beginning of the policy). Under no circumstances can the said rate be in excess of the TurkStat consumer prices index increase rate announced for the period from the policy commencement date to the claim date.
What are the principles governing claims payments under the home insurance?
  • If the insurance figure is equal to the insurance value to be calculated on the basis of the Replacement with New Value on the day preceding the claim date, the claim payable for full and/or partial loss shall be based on the replacement with new value, without the application of any wear or tear and disregarding the age of the building and furnishings other than clothing and apparels.
  • If the insurance figure is less than the insurance value, applicable provisions of the General Terms shall apply.
  • If the damaged assets do not or cannot be substituted or repaired by the insured in case of partial or full loss, the claim payable shall be based on their current value.
What is the scope of the Housing Building Coverage on my policy?
The insured’s housing building located at the risk location specified on the policy and any shared areas and facilities in the building, as well as the garden, courtyard, perimeter walls and cisterns are covered by the present policy. Any areas of use and facilities outside the building and the elements completing the building, such as the television and satellite antenna, can be included in the coverage by stipulating them on the policy.
What is the scope of the Home Furnishings Coverage on my policy?
The belongings of the insured or his/her cohabiting family members, other persons living with him/her and his/her employees located at the risk address specified on the policy shall be covered.
The coverage provided in this policy covers only concrete (full masonry) residential buildings and the furnishings therein. Concrete (full masonry) buildings are made of non-inflammable materials such as concrete, stone, bricks, or briquettes for floors and roofs, as well as internal and external walls. Semi-masonry and wooden housing structures and the furnishings therein are not covered under the policy.

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