Non-motor Claim Procedure

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A report should be filed with the firm within 5 working days following the date on which the insured became aware of the damage. Following the submittal of the claims report to our firm, a surveyor will be appointed to determine the scale of claim. In order for the claim to be paid in short order, the documents should be submitted to the insurance firm or directly to the surveyor. After completing all reviews, analyses and other required procedures regarding the claim, the surveyor will submit the report he/she draws up to the firm. The accident report will then be reviewed by the firm, which will conclude the claim file review and approval process by asking the insured to submit other documents as well if required.

The following issues should be taken into utmost consideration in claims processes:

  • The numbers of the policy and supplements if any, the policy term, claim location and estimated claim figure should be reported to the insurance firm.
  • The insured should promptly take measures to limit the damage.
  • An official report (traffic accident report, police headquarters application and eye witness statements, etc.) accompanied by photos, if possible, must be drawn up for all claims. The report must be sealed and bear certified signatures. Any information and documents allowing the insurer exercise its right to recourse should also be provided to the firm, alongside all other required documents.
  • Any policy or policies the client has procured from another insurance firm for the same risk should be submitted to the insurer.
  • The amount pertaining to the policy should have been collected in return for a receipt as of the date of claim. Otherwise, the claim will not be paid.

The information to be submitted to the firm at the time of the claim:

  • Policy and supplement numbers
  • Name and/or title of the insured
  • Insurance commencement and end dates
  • Sum insured
  • Claim date
  • Damage site
  • Claim description
  • Estimated claim figure
  • Full address of the survey site