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We are the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world, the largest multinational insurance company in Latin America and one of the 15 largest European groups in terms of premium volume.We serve 26 million people around the world who rely on us every day.

Personal Accident Insurance


  • MAPFRE SİGORTA comes to your rescue with Personal Accident Insurance, providing coverage against any material losses you may incur due to accidents.Keep on the safe side and get security for you and your loved ones with Personal Accident Insurance.

Unfortunate Accident Insurance


  • MAPFRE SİGORTA we came up with the Unfortunate Accident Insurance to allow you to forget about the financial side of things.

    This is because Personal Accident Insurance provides assurance against any material loss you may incur due to accidents or illness and the Unfortunate Accident Insurance covers associated medical expenses as well.

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