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We are the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world, the largest multinational insurance company in Latin America and one of the 15 largest European groups in terms of premium volume.We serve 26 million people around the world who rely on us every day.

MAPFRE Home Insurance’s protects your home and possessions against fire, flood and theft.

Modern Assurance Insurance For Homes


  • Modern Assurance Insurance for Homes provides assurances for your home and the people in it.Come and get Modern Assurance Insurance for Homes and feel at ease without worrying about your home or your belongings.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)


  • Compulsory Earthquake Insurance provides assurance within the limits stipulated on the policy for material damages that an earthquake or a fire, explosion, tsunami or landslide caused by an earthquake may inflict directly on the insured buildings.

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