MAPFRE’s Principles

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At MAPFRE Group the heart of our success and strength comes from carrying the principles we inherited from the past into the future.

MAPFRE Group’s commercial operations are based on the following principles.

Independence: As a group MAPFRE considers independence from any person, firm and pressure groups as an absolute necessity.

Social Responsibility Awareness: MAPFRE’s attitudes and behaviors, as well as every individual employed by it, should be inspired by an “awareness of serving society” as per their responsibility regarding the development of society.

Ethical Behaviors: MAPFRE Group’s operations entail social responsibilities which should be apparent in the respect shown for the legitimate interests of society in general, and all individuals and legal persons with which it interacts in particular. These entail the principles of “transparency in institutional and administrative organization and the management of firms, openness in the presentation of products and services and information supplied, speed and diligence in the performance of the obligations under agreements executed with customers and suppliers, an egalitarian perspective in relationships with individuals who provide services to MAPFRE Group, respect for the rights of customers and shareholders, full compliance not only with the law and legal obligations, but also with the rules of behavior and general rules set by the administrative bodies of the group.”

Humanism: MAPFRE Group’s growth is based on “people”, which are both the integral part and the greatest asset of the Group. This is why we put values such as mutual respect, tolerance, kindness and solidarity to the forefront in our relationships.

Entrepreneurial Growth: The development of MAPFRE Group’s operations inevitably brings growth to the firm and increases its worth. This objective is required to provide personal development and advancement opportunities to those who directly or indirectly contribute to shareholders’ interests as well as the group’s operations.

Integrity and Continuous Innovation in the Products and Services Offered: We want to offer a complete product range to cover all the needs of our customers; from the coverage and management of their risks, to enabling personal or family-level savings and providing for their pension needs.

Multinational Presence Aim: We intend to ensure the continuous growth and development of MAPFRE Group, and while doing so, to contribute to the economic and social development of the countries in question by founding businesses to be governed in line with the corporate and commercial principles of the group.

Expertise: MAPFRE Group is organized to make use of different operating units and companies, each of which enjoys management autonomy in its field, with a view to ensuring the utmost efficiency in the services we offer to our customers.

Decentralization: We try to make the correct decision at the center nearest to the problem in order to achieve maximum management flexibility and to ensure the most pragmatic use of the existing capacity throughout the organization.

Coordinated Operations: The autonomous management activities of the various operating units and companies of the group focus on the objectives and are subjected to administrative oversight by MAPFRE S.A. in line with joint action policies.

Utmost Utilization of Synergies: The autonomy of MAPFRE’s operating units and companies is supported by the development of shared services required to ensure coordination and the full use of synergies.

Leadership Target: We intend to become the leader in all the markets and sectors in which we operate.
High Level of Quality in Services Provided to Customers: Quality is always at the core of our services both on both ethical grounds and as the most effective means of achieving customer loyalty.

Ceaseless Search for Efficiency: As a requirement of our ceaseless search for efficiency, which includes pragmatism and flexibility, rapid decision-making, use of the opportunities provided by technical developments and the utmost objectivity in hiring coupled with a diligent approach towards the development of employees, we want to make most efficient and productive use of MAPFRE Group’s resources.