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Founded in 1948 by Türkiye Kredi Bankası A.Ş. and a group of entrepreneurs of the day, T. GENEL SİGORTA was acquired in 1975 by Çukurova Holding.

As Spain and South America’s largest insurance group MAPFRE acquired 80% of the shares of Çukurova Holding in 2007, becoming the controlling shareholder. The firm then came to continue its operations as MAPFRE SİGORTA from April 2009 onwards, and as just MAPFRE SİGORTA from October 2016 onwards.

Today MAPFRE INTERNACIONAL holds 99.75% of the shares of MAPFRE SİGORTA.

From then on, thanks to a series of innovative perspectives, MAPFRE SİGORTA came to be known as the new face of change and dynamism in the Turkish Insurance Sector. It continues to contribute to the Turkish economy with its 75 years of international experience.

MAPFRE SİGORTA’s extensive network of agencies allows it to serve in all branches of insurance, while its robust reinsurance capabilities, financial prowess, ability to cover large-scale claims and pace of claim payments put it among the strongest and most reliable entities of the sector.

MAPFRE SİGORTA is among the strongest companies in the Turkish insurance industry with its paid-in capital and size of equity. With a paid-up capital of 350 million TL, MAPFRE SİGORTA is rated by Fitch Ratings with a financial strength rating of AA + (TUR). In addition, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, certified by international auditing and certification institutions, has been implemented in our company since 2005, in order to help manage our product and service quality and reliability, based on meeting customer needs and ensuring customer satisfaction. As of 2019, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System, certified by international audit and certification bodies, which includes guidelines for handling customer complaints, has been implemented.

A stable management exhibiting continuity is among the leading strengths of MAPFRE SİGORTA. Given its accumulated expertise and experience, the management frameworks that develop financial and technical policies with substantial foresight have managed to maintain the firm’s profitability at continuously high levels throughout the years.

MAPFRE SİGORTA’s strategy is to come up with an accurate risk analysis and to offer the most affordable pricing, while never compromising on service quality and always abiding by the ethical principles of insurance. It takes customer demands and trends into account and ultimately helps its customers, agencies, and reinsurers win at all times.