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Deep-rooted Past, Reassuring Future: MAPFRE Sigorta

The foundation of MAPFRE Sigorta, one of the strongest companies in the Turkish insurance sector and a prominent player in the industry with its contributions to the sector, dates back to 1948, 75 years ago. Founded in 1948 by Türkiye Kredi Bankası A.Ş. and some entrepreneurs of the period, T.GENEL SİGORTA was incorporated into Çukurova Holding in 1975. In 2007, MAPFRE, the largest insurance group in Spain and South America, acquired 80% of Çukurova Holding’s shares and became the controlling shareholder of the company; the company has been operating under the name MAPFRE GENEL SİGORTA since April 2009 and MAPFRE SİGORTA since October 2016. As of today, MAPFRE INTERNACIONAL’s share in the shareholding structure of MAPFRE SİGORTA is 99.75%.

International Experience, National Strength, Caring about What Matters to You!

MAPFRE Sigorta continues to contribute to the Turkish economy with its 75 years of experience and international strength. MAPFRE Sigorta, which always cares about what its stakeholders value, has become a safe harbour for both its insureds and all its business partners thanks to its large reinsurance capacity, high claims payment capability and speed of claims payment within the framework of its quality service approach.

MAPFRE Sigorta Reinforces Its Strength in Turkey with its Financial Results

Today, MAPFRE Sigorta stands out with its capital and robust shareholders’ equity structure and demonstrates the success of its financial sustainability and stable growth plan with its AA+(TUR) National Insurer Financial Strength Rating and “stable” outlook confirmed by the International Credit Rating Agency Fitch Ratings.

The operating profile of MAPFRE Sigorta, which operates with global expertise in corporate governance, operational support and risk management, was assessed as “positive” compared to other Turkish insurance companies in the report announced by Fitch Ratings. The report also confirms MAPFRE Group’s faith in Turkey and MAPFRE Sigorta. In this context, the report positions MAPFRE Sigorta as “Important” for the MAPFRE Group and reveals that the Group will maintain its commitment to the Turkish market despite economic fluctuations.

Indispensable for MAPFRE Sigorta: Sustainability

MAPFRE Sigorta embraces MAPFRE Group’s vision for sustainability and carries out all of its activities in line with this vision. Saying ‘Playing Our Part’ with the goal of building a sustainable future, MAPFRE Sigorta continues to realise our commitments in the areas of environment, society, corporate governance and business in the Strategic Sustainability Plan 2022-2024.

An Approach that Prioritises Opportunity and Gender Equality and Cares about the Future of Society and the Environment

MAPFRE Sigorta also stands out with its efforts to increase women’s employment, diversity and sustainable value creation for both society and the environment.

MAPFRE Sigorta stands by all its stakeholders even tomorrow with its Stable and Strategic Management Approach!

Stable and strategic management approach is one of the strongest aspects of MAPFRE Sigorta. In addition to knowledge and experience, the management team, which develops financial and technical policies for the future, offers a more effective decision-making and management process.

MAPFRE Sigorta will continue to meet the expectations of its intermediaries and insureds by caring about what you value and adhering to the ethical values of insurance.

75 years have passed and more to come…