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Everybody dreams of setting up their own business or office… But when you finally make your dream a reality after great effort, you’ll have to take into account the tens of risks you may face. How about focusing just on the future of your investment and leaving the risks to us?
At MAPFRE SİGORTA we designed the MY OFFICE Insurance to allow you to focus solely on expanding your business. MY OFFICE Insurance provides three-in-one assurance covering any financial losses you may incur with respect to fixed assets, electronic devices and work stoppage at your workplace.
Come and get MY OFFICE Insurance and have a hopeful look at the future.
  • Earthquake
  • Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Act, Terrorism
  • Express freight, overtime, leave-pay and raises
  • Additional mobile electronic devices
  • Negligence, misuse and operational errors
  • Damages third parties may inflict as Theft, robbery, armed robbery and sabotage
  • Fire (including blasts and flares), smoke
  • Explosion and implosion
  • Lightning (direct and indirect effects thereof), storms and hailstorms
  • Air and land vehicle impacts
  • Flood/inundation, internal water and sprinkler leakage
  • Underground water and rain water, corrosion
  • Excessive voltage and induction
  • Workplace assistance services

Additional Coverage

  • Glass breakage
  • Neighbor and Tenant liability
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Third party liability
  • Fidelity
  • Cash in transit
  • Cash in safe theft and fire
  • Business Interruption losses

Workplace assistance services

  • Installation works
  • Electrical works
  • Locksmith costs
  • Rescue of individuals stranded at the workplace
  • Glass replacements
  • Medical counsel services
  • Coverage of travel expenses incurred arising from damage to the workplace
  • Security services
  • Delivery of urgent messages
  • Professional workplace services arrangements
What is MY OFFICE (Device, Equipment and Business Interruption Losses) Insurance?
It is an ALL RISKS insurance comprised of Material Losses Coverage (Basic Coverage), Comprehensive Software Coverage (Optional Coverage) and Work Stoppage Coverage (Optional Coverage), offered by MAPFRE SİGORTA on the Turkish Insurance market, providing coverage for equipments otherwise covered by the Electronic Equipment Insurance, as well as the fixtures and decor that may be covered by Fire Insurances, without requiring a listing and provided that the damage is caused by the following factors.
• Sudden and unexpected
• Caused by external factors
Who should get the MY OFFICE Insurance?
Service sector businesses, tourism agencies, legal offices, notary publics, graphics-printing establishments, small-scale manufacturers, commercial entities, etc.
What can be covered by the MY OFFICE Insurance?

• All devices employing semi-conductor technology for commercial purposes
• Computers, IT centers, office equipment
• Communications, radio, TV equipment
• Graphics and publication industry equipment
• Machinery and installation
• Alarm, test, automation and measurement devices
• Fixtures – decor (tables, chairs, cabinets, carpets, paint jobs, etc.)

What are the optional coverage elements of the MY OFFICE Insurance?
• Comprehensive software coverage
• Business Interruption coverage
How is the sum insured for MY OFFICE Insurance set?
The sum insured shall be set with reference to the replacement with a new value. That figure is composed of the following elements:
• Price of replacing the device/fixture
• All kinds of shipping costs
• Customs, duties, taxes and charges
• Assembly costs
The overall figure of the devices, machinery, fixtures and decor elements with reference to the selected tech group shall be assessed as described above. Otherwise, underinsurance may apply. The replacement price practice prevents glitches from arising due to a claim regarding the operation of the device/fixture covered and enables repairs so that operations can be continued as if no damage had ever occurred. Otherwise, the device’s performance would be reduced and its operations would be affected.
What does Business Interruption coverage entail?
Under MY OFFICE, business interruption coverage can be extended, provided that the policy covers pecuniary damages.

The coverage is extended for loss of profits to be caused due to the stoppage of or glitch in the operations of the insured due to a reason which can be covered by the elementary damages element of MY OFFICE policies, which extend such coverage. The term of the coverage shall be limited to a maximum of 2 months, lasting from the moment when the loss or damage occurred, until the resumption of normal operations following the complete removal of the stoppage of or glitch in commercial operations. (The coverage to be extended in this context shall be limited to 50% of the sum insured under the elementary damages coverage, per incident and an annual cap of USD 100,000).

What is the procedure for claims payments in MY OFFICE Insurances?
In case of complete or partial loss, the replacement with a new value for the part and/or device/fixture repaired, as well as additional repairs required in case of partial loss, shall be covered.
Which factors affect the price of MY OFFICE Insurance?
Specific Tech Groups are established for the prices applicable in MY OFFICE Insurance. The rating varies depending on these Tech Groups. The rate for the Tech Group applicable to the entity to be insured shall apply.
What are the requirements for MY OFFICE Insurance?
There are three crucial pre-requisites for MY OFFICE Insurance:
• MY OFFICE Questionnaire should be filled out completely and signed personally by the insured.
• Fixture – decor value should not be in excess of 50% of the total insurance value.
• All devices, machinery, fixtures and decor elements at the risk address should be covered by the MY OFFICE Insurance policy.

Information and documents you may need with respect to the product you are interested in are provided below. Should you have any questions, you can get even more detailed information by contacting our nearest agency.

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