Corporate Insurances

Corporate Insurances
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Engineering Insurance

The structures and living spaces of the future are built through long and substantial efforts, but they are also exposed to numerous risks during the construction, erection, installation process.

SME Insurance

We are aware that the risks incurred by enterprises are also large. But who do you trust with these crucial risks that may have significant consequences?
At MAPFRE SİGORTA we used our international expertise and experience to develop SME Insurance. This product provides economic assurance for all the assets and property dear to you; from earthquake to electronic devices.

Marine, Hull and Liability Insurances

As MAPFRE SIGORTA we provide coverage for Marine, Hull and Liability risks.

Commodity Insurance provides coverage against any damage or loss your cargo may suffer en route from a location to another over a means of transportation (maritime, air, highways, railways).

Liability Insurance provides coverage against any insurance claims that may arise if you cause harm to third parties during your professional activities.

Other Insurances

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