Cash in Transit Insurance

The Cash in Transit Insurance
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Your business may involve entrusting the carrying of negotiable instruments such as cheques and bonds, as well as cash, to your staff. How prepared are you for any undesired scenarios which may arise in such cases?
The Cash in Transit Insurance allows you to obtain coverage against numerous risks posed to your cash or assets en route to banks or other offices.
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Will the claim be paid under the Cash in Transit Insurance in case of loss of the asset if it is “forgotten” somewhere?
No. The following cases are covered:
• Armed robbery or theft as a consequence of gun threat or use of force by third parties
• Loss and robbery as the result of an accident or burning of the vehicle transporting the money
• Losses arising due to other reasons during the transfer
Who should get this insurance in particular?
Any entity that engages in cash or negotiable instrument transportation between the workplace and the banks.
Which elements play a role in setting the premium?
• Area of transportation of the cash
• The type of vehicles used in transit
• The number of persons involved in transit
• The maximum amount and type of the asset carried in one go
• The maximum volume carried through the year
• Measures taken during transit
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