Compulsory Traffic Insurance

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Traffic insurance is a statutory requirement and covers your legal liability in case you cause bodily or pecuniary damages to third parties by getting involved in an accident while driving your vehicle covered by the policy.

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  • Pecuniary Damages Coverage
  • Medical Expenses Coverage (medical expenses coverage is provided by the Social Security Agency)
  • Permanent Disability Coverage
  • Loss of Support (Death) Coverage

Optional Roadside Assistance Services

  • Roadside Assistance Services
  • Towing
  • Vehicle rescue
  • Transportation in case of injury as a result of vehicle accident
  • Information and organization service
What does Statutory Traffic Insurance policy cover?
  • Pecuniary Damages Coverage: This covers the material damages incurred in the damaged vehicle, including the loss of value.
  • Medical Expenses Coverage: This coverage pays for all treatment costs, including prosthetics, required to return the third party to his/her condition prior to the traffic accident. (Medical expenses coverage is among the responsibilities of the Social Security Agency, and hence the insurance firm’s and Assurance Account’s liability regarding said coverage was discontinued as per Article 98 of the Highways Traffic Law No. 2918).
  • Permanent Disability Coverage: Future economic losses the third party shall incur due to permanent disability shall be covered.
  • Loss of Support (Death) Coverage: The support that would otherwise be provided to the surviving dependants of the deceased third party shall be covered.
Can the no-claims discount entitlement under the Statutory Traffic Insurance for a specific vehicle be transferred to my new vehicle?
Should you buy a new vehicle with the same usage type as the old one you have just sold, the no-claims discount you were entitled to on the earlier vehicle will be maintained in the insurance policy of the new vehicle as well. However, this rule does not apply for vehicles registered to a firm.
Will my no-claims discount entitlements remain in place if I switch insurance firms?
The no-claims discounts you were entitled to will remain in place even if you switch insurance firms.
Which factors effect the price for Statutory Traffic Insurance?
  • Claims history of the vehicle
  • Usage type
  • Licensee details
  • License plate registration province
  • Insured’s place of residence
  • Timely renewal or non-renewal of the policy (as traffic insurance is a statutory requirement, a delay (late) charge is applied for policies that are not renewed on time).

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General Terms of Highway Motor Vehicle Statutory Financial Liability Insurance (Traffic Insurance)