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Life is beautiful, but it is also full of unforeseeable risks…You are right to think about these risks from time to time and get concerned. So here is a solution to give you some financial peace of mind when this happens: Emergency Situations Insurance (AVS).

MAPFRE SİGORTA AVS covers emergency treatment costs you may incur in the event of illnesses and/or accidents deemed emergencies by the World Health Organization.

Get AVS and obtain financial security in the face of any sudden onset of emergencies.

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Cases specified and deemed as “emergencies” by the World Health Organization (WHO):
  • Drowning

  • Traffic accident

  • Acts of terrorism, sabotage, shooting, stabbing, fight, etc

  • Rape

  • Fall from heights

  • Serious work accident, loss of limb

  • Electric shock

  • Hypothermia, frostbite

  • Heat stroke

  • Serious burns

  • Serious eye injuries

  • Intoxication

  • Anaphylactic shock

  • Spinal fractures and fractures of the lower extremities

  • Heart attack, hypertension attacks

  • Acute respiratory problems

  • All kinds of organic defects resulting in blackout

  • Sudden onset of paralysis

  • Serious overall medical condition problems

  • High fever (39.5°C or higher)

  • Diabetic and uremic coma

  • Renal failure requiring dialysis, accompanied by overall medical condition problems

  • Acute abdomen

  • Acute massive bleeding

  • Meningitis (inflammation of the cerebral cortex)

  • Renal colic

What is Emergency Situations Insurance?

Emergency Situations Insurance provides ambulance services and covers your treatment in case of illness and/or accidents that the World Health Organization deems emergencies and which can occur at the most unexpected of moments.

Which cases are covered by my policy?

Treatment expenses required to stabilize the patient and to provide emergency treatment at any private or government-owned medical institution licensed by the Ministry of Health, in case of an illness and/or accident, in addition to those covered by the General Terms of Medical Insurance, are covered in line with the general and special terms and are subject to the coverage, limits and contribution rates stipulated in the certificate.

Do any age restrictions apply for obtaining Emergency Situations Insurance policy?

The policy provides insurance coverage for babies older than 14 days and individuals younger than the age of 66. The Insurance-Holder should be older than 18. Coverage for children in the 0-18 age group can be extended within the framework of their family or alongside at least one legal guardian. Upon their request, any unmarried children of which you are the legal guardian, who are still in education (documents attesting their attendance must be provided) can be covered in the policy up to the age of 24.

Are ambulance costs covered by the policy?

These costs are covered for transportation between one’s home and the nearest fully fledged hospital, on a land ambulance licensed for that locale, within the borders of Turkey, provided due to an illness or accident covered. In a similar vein, where the doctor providing the treatment requires so and the Medical Claims Processing Center approves this, the costs incurred for land and/or air ambulance transportation from the current province and hospital to another province and hospital are also covered in accordance with the general and special terms of insurance.

MAPFRE SİGORTA Medical Claims Processing Center is at your service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Will the treatments received at a non-contracted institution be covered?

Should you choose to receive your treatment at a non-contracted institution, upon submitting the applicable documents and invoice to us, your expenses shall be covered subject to your payment rate, the special and general terms of the policy, and the coverage and limits specified on your certificate.

Information and documents you may need with respect to the product you are interested in are provided below. Should you have any questions, you can get even more detailed information by contacting our nearest agency.

Information Form for Emergency Situation Insurance
General Terms of Medical Insurance
Special Terms of for Emergency Situation Insurance