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You’ve sacrified so much for your hotel and we’re sure that you want to secure it and worry about unforeseeable damages that might occur.
Well now you can quash those worries thanks to Hotel Package Insurance covering both your hotel and your customers. This product secures not only your business, but also covers any damages your customers may suffer due to reasons associated with your business.
Come and get Hotel Package Insurance and feel peace of mind, knowing that your hotel is safe 365 days a year.
Are the belongings of my business’ staff covered?
Damages that may arise due to a risk covered under the policy to the property of employees (bags, belongings, etc.) at the sites where the insured operates, shall be covered subject to the limit stipulated in the policy. Cash, negotiable instruments, valuables and electronic devices are not covered.
Will my policy provide me necessary support to maintain accommodation under another risk, so as to prevent problems on the part of my customers, in case of damages at my enterprise?
Damages payable with respect to reasonable supplementary expenses (margin between the cost of stay at an equivalent alternative hotel and the accommodation expenses the insured would incur for the relevant customers) required for the transfer of customers to an equivalent hotel up to the limits stipulated in the policy, so as not to exceed the limits specified in the policy, up to the term of booking for customers with bookings, where it is not possible to transfer such customers to other usable parts of the hotel when faced with a case whereby the hotel is rendered partly or completely unusable in case fire and supplementary coverage elements or SRCCMA -terror risks occur, shall be covered subject to the limits stipulated in the policy. The maximum term for which damages are payable shall be 7 days. In each claim regarding Fire and Additional Coverage elements, a deductible discount of 3 days shall apply.
Will damages suffered during sports events by a guest accommodated at a hotel be covered?
The legal liabilities that may be directed towards the insurance holder for the damages hotel residents and other customers suffer at the gym, pool, sauna and beach, as well as the damages they may incur due to participation in sports events under the responsibility of the hotel shall be covered. Scuba diving, parasailing, paragliding and jet ski activities are not covered.
What should you take into consideration when getting insurance for your workplace?

When getting insurance for your workplace, you should make sure that the insurance value of the building is established properly. The building’s insurance value refers to the cost that will apply for the reconstruction of the insurance site, in accordance with its existing construction form. Under no circumstances should the insurance value be based on the sale price. The price of the plot should not be added to the building’s insurance value. In case of decor applied at the insured site, the figure regarding such decor can be added onto the insurance value of the building. The insured’s statement shall be taken into account when setting the insurance value for assets such as fixtures, machinery, or commodities. However, documents such as the invoice and inventory records for the insured goods may be required upon a damage claim.
Furthermore, the statement regarding the location of your business, whether it is on the seaside or in the city center, is very crucial. The assessment of the risks of maritime vehicle impacts and storms will be dependent on that statement.

Information and documents you may need with respect to the product you are interested in are provided below. Should you have any questions, you can get even more detailed information by contacting our nearest agency.

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