Ship Repair Liability Insurance

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If you operate a naval yard, you must have considered the fact that substantial liabilities might arise during ship repairs. We are well aware that even the slightest negligence during the repairs of ships under your care can lead to substantial consequences and hence we offer you special solutions to allow you to do your job without worrying about the risks of your profession.

Ship Repair Liability Insurance provides you with protection in terms of any liability you may have with third parties for cases that may arise due to negligence on the part of you, your employees, agents, or sub-contractors.

Discover our Ship Repair Liability Insurance product and enjoy working with the peace of mind provided by a comprehensive coverage.

The Ship Repair Liability Insurance provides coverage against the following risks, provided that they arise during and due to the repairs performed by ship repair crews:
  • Losses or damages that may be incurred on the ship or the vessel under your care, supervision and control
  • Wreck removalı
  • Third party property
  • Third party death and personal injuries
  • Legal defense costs
What is Ship Repair Liability Insurance?
You may be held legally liable for damages to the boat under your care and third party properties, as well as death or personal injuries occurring during ship repairs. The insurance provides coverage against such obligations, including the costs and expenses third parties may incur up to the agreed upon limit, arising due to negligence on the part of you or your employees, agents and sub-contractors.
What is the scope of Ship Repair Liability Insurance?
It provides coverage for liability arising due to ship repair operations, for damages which may be inflicted on the vessels on the docks or dry docks under the responsibility of ship repair providers, as well as on third parties and any commodities, vehicles, etc. of third parties.

Furthermore, Ship Repair Insurance covers your legal defense expenses as well.

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