Special Risks Insurance

Special Risk Insurance
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You probably have unconventional insurance needs, but are unable to find a product to match your requirements. We stand by you with insurance solutions designed specifically for your industry.

Special Insurances make sure that you can carry out your operations in a safe manner, in a wide range of industries from aviation to the business world, from entertainment to the movie business.

Tümünü Göster

  • Airplane Hull Insurance
  • Airplane Insurance for War Risks
  • Aviation Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance for Crew and Passengers
  • Insurance Against the Loss of Pilot License
  • Airport Operator Liability Insurance
  • Negative Insurance
  • Unavailability of Actors
  • Film Equipment Insurance
  • Film Objects Insurance
  • Event Cancellation (Primary Coverage)
  • Unavailability of Participants
  • Bad Weather
  • Bankers Blanket Bond “BBB”
  • Computer Crime “CC”
  • Professional Indemnity “PI”
  • Executive Liability Insurance