Domestic Carrier Liability Insurance

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Are you involved in highways cargo transportation in Turkey? We are well aware that you have many responsibilities when carrying your customers’ cargo. How well prepared are you for the risks that may affect your cargo?

Domestic Carrier Liability Insurance provides assurance for your legal liabilities that may arise during the transportation of the commodities owned by the customers you serve.

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General Terms and Conditions of Commodity Shipping Insurance

What is Domestic Carrier Liability Insurance?
It is the insurance providing assurances subject to the terms and limits stipulated in the policy, regarding the legal liabilities of carrier firms engaged in cargo transportation over the highways in Turkey, which may arise as a covered risk occurs during the transportation of a commodity belonging to a customer they serve with the vehicles they own/rent.
The coverage provided by the Domestic Carrier Liability Insurance does not replace that of the Shipping Commodity Insurance. It only covers cases where the carrier is held liable as per Turkish Code of Commerce, subject to the terms and limits stipulated in the policy.
Who can be specified as the insured in liability insurances?
  • Shipping firms engaged in commodity transportation over highways within and outside the country
  • Shipyard owners offering repair and maintenance services
  • Marina owners/operators
  • Port Operators