Social Activity Clubs

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At MAPFRE we come together for extracurricular activities as well, with 7 distinct social clubs!

MASK Dance: MASK Dance members get professional dance classes once a week, under the supervision of professional trainers. Members decide on the type of dance they want to learn for the year and can share what they’ve learned in most enjoyable dance shows at various firm events, should they wish to do so.

MASK Photography: The Photography Club offers not only basic and advanced level photography training, but also organizes photography trips in and outside the city during the year. At the end of the year, the photos taken during the training and trips are shared with all our colleagues in a number of exhibitions, while the proceeds achieved through their sale are donated to a Non-Governmental Organization.

MASK Music: The Music Club entails studio lessons, instrument tutoring and choir activities. Should they wish to do so, the club members can perform at various company events exclusively on a volunteering basis.

MASK Book: The Book Club is responsible for the library established within the framework of the Company Headquarters. It organizes events such as rapid reading training and book donation campaigns and chooses the book of the month.

MASK Underwater: The Underwater Club contributes to the development of its members’ skills through theoretical and practical training and encourages the club members to discover the depths of the seas through regular trips.

MASK Culture, Arts, and Travel: The members of this club organize and encourage visits to exhibitions, concerts, daily excursions and cultural excursions.

MASK Marbling: Members of the marbling club work with a professional internal trainer one day a week and learn about this magical art where colors embrace water.

MASK Conversation Clubs: English and Spanish Conversation Clubs aim to enhance the foreign language skills of our employees.