Life at MAPFRE Sigorta

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As part of our promise, we care about the happiness of our employees and transform their creativity, every moment they spend, and their innovative ideas into meaning at MAPFRE Sigorta.

The concept of “MAPFRE Healthy”, which means goodness, happiness and health and focuses on holistic health, forms the basis of MAPFRE Sigorta’s Human Resources practices.

MAPFRE Sigorta, which was deemed worthy of an award in the category of “Practices Supporting Quality of Life” at the Value for People Awards organised by the Human Management Association of Turkey (PERYÖN), evaluates the practices it has implemented to ensure that employees reach their best and continue in this state of well-being in four categories:

  • Early Diagnosis & Preventive “Health” Practices
  • Well-being “Protection” Programme
  • “Development” Practices Supporting Quality of Life
  • A Tool that Improves Quality of Life: “Motivation” Practices

Early Diagnosis & Preventive “Health” Practices Supporting Quality of Life

  • Dietitian service
  • On-site laboratory service
  • Screening and examinatıon programme
  • Check-up support
  • Protection vaccinatıon support

“Maintaining” Well-being Programme to Support Quality of Life

  • Psychological support service
  • New mother coaching programme
  • Birth preparation training support
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Our flexible working model
  • Mother & father school & paternity leave
  • Diet menu

“Development” Practices Supporting Quality of Life

  • MAPFRE Sigorta Social Clubs
    • Sports Clubs (active as of 2023)
      • Football Club
      • Dragon Club
      • Tennis Club
      • Basketball Club
      • Dance Club       
    • Culture and Arts Clubs (active as of 2023)
      • Cinema Club
      • Photography Club
      • Art Club
      • Gourmets Club
    • Health and Safety Training at Work
    • Foundation Activities

A Tool that Improves Quality of Life: “Motivation” Applications

  • Department Motivation Activities
  • Midweek Pleasure Break Activities
  • Birthday, marriage, seniority awards

Policies and Procedures Supporting the “MAPFRE Healthy” Programme

  • MAPFRE Code of Ethical Values and Correct Behaviour
  • The “MAPFRE Protocol for the Prevention and Resolution of Harassment Cases”, which is also expressed in the “MAPFRE Respect for People Policy”
  • “MAPFRE Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy”
  • Digital Disconnection Right Policy