Health Promotion

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Fundación MAPFRE aims to enhance individuals’ health and quality of life by encouraging healthy eating habits, physical exercise and correct relaxation techniques that have a great impact on the most prevalent non-contagious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In the field of Health Promotion, the Fundation has organized Healthy Living Workshops since 2014 in Turkey. This project aims to get students adopt habits of healthy eating and physical exercise while raising awareness on obesity in a fun theater play format. The project has been carried out in all districts and surrounding cities of Istanbul with the cooperation of Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education. We have reached more than 53.000 students so far.

The project has been enriched with the new modules and renamed as ‘My Plate is Colorful, My Life is Active’ in 2019. The new theater play and the new books continue to demonstrate the importance of healthy eating habits and physical exercise to children and their parents during the Children Festivals which are also being held for the first time in 2019.

Children who see the theater play are presented with a fun and informative story book that includes the characters of the play. The story book, based on the script, conveys an exciting adventure within Uğur’s body. Moreover, in order to inform the children’s families, an informative parent book, prepared by Newborn Diseases Specialist Dr.Gülnihal Şarman is given as a gift. Prepared for parents, book includes not only tips for a healthy and balanced diet for children, but also colorful and cheerful recipes by Sibel Güngör, author of the book Neşeli Tabaklar.