Remuneration and Benefits

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The basic principle of MAPFRE Sigorta’s wage management is “equal pay for equal work” policy. Wages are determined on the basis of job family and position without any discrimination (race, age, gender, marital status, nationality, religion, other physical and social conditions, etc.).

MAPFRE Sigorta aims to eliminate wage inequality between men and women doing the same job with the Equal Pay Gap approach, which aims to eliminate the wage gap between men and women. In 2024, MAPFRE Sigorta is committed to maintaining the wage equality between women and men by realising the Equal Pay Gap ratio in the +1%/-1% band, and although its current rates are in this band, it wishes to crown the “Equal Pay at Work” certificate it adopted in 2022.

Benefits We Provide:

  • Annual Variable Wage (bonus)
  • Private Personal Accident Insurance
  • Private Life Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Individual Pension with Company Contribution
  • Transport Benefit
  • Food Assistance
  • Kindergarten Benefit
  • Seniority Award
  • Marriage and Maternity Benefit
  • Flexible and Mobile Working
  • Disabled Child Benefit
  • Management Level Vehicle Benefit
  • Appreciation and Rewarding Practices
  • Social Club Memberships
  • Living with Health Programme (dietician, psychological counselling, smoking cessation support)