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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can cancel your policy whenever you want. The policy can be canceled with reference to the remaining number of days. The refundable premium figure will be established on the basis of the time frame that follows the policy start date, and the total benefits paid under the insurance. The terms of cancellation are specified in detail in the Special Terms of the Policy.

For covered treatments in line with the Special Terms of the Policy, you will not be charged any amounts, with the exception of the 12 TRY you are legally required to pay for doctor examinations under the SGK system.

Anyone who is covered by the SGK and who is not older than 60 years old can purchase this policy. In the case the insured was 56 years old or older at the time of the first policy issuance, no renewals will be provided after the age of 60. Individuals who were insured for the first time within the framework of ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance at the age of 55 or younger, may continue to purchase the policy after the age of 60, provided that no interruption occurred in the policy coverage. Newborn babies can be covered by their individual insurance policies after 14 days following birth.

The “Life-Long Renewal Guarantee” is given subject to the terms determined as a result of a risk analysis, on the condition that the insured maintains ‘FarkYok Complimentary Health’ Health Insurance with MAPFRE SİGORTA A.Ş. for three years without interruption, that he/she was originally included in the insurance coverage before the age of 55, and that his/her average loss ratio for the last three years remains under 80%.

The Emergency Dental Coverage applies only for the treatments included in the dental package, and at the service providers to which you will be directed according to your location, on the basis of them being included in the network for this coverage element.

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