Career Management

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Career management is deemed a tool to make most effective use of our existing potential values and to meet the needs and expectations of MAPFRE GROUP with the potential and career development expectations of our employees in a single basket. As a fundamental perspective, career management aims to enable the development of our employees’ existing level of potential, ensure that the right person is assigned to the job and reward and recognize high-potential employees.

The journey upwards on the career ladder within MAPFRE GROUP is directly correlated with one’s will and commitment, as well as success defined as the implementation of high performance.

Career movements within the group can occur on a vertical (to a higher position) or horizontal (to a different function while retaining the level of the position) basis, in line with the standards established in the structuring of the position. Our career matrices allow specification within our Career Management System of the positions which can enrich the employee’s career, while bringing the utmost benefit to our organization in the subsequent steps of the ladder, through experience as well as organizational knowledge gained through work in distinct positions.

In order to make career development opportunities equally available to all our employees, we try to meet new staff needs from among the frameworks which have been raised in-house and meet the requirements of career planning. In this context, our existing employees who believe that they meet the requirements of new vacant positions can apply for positions in other business functions outside the areas in which they work, as well as available positions in group companies and various positions made available for international applications in group companies in 46 countries.