Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policies

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MAPFRE Sigorta Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy is based on respecting the individuality of people by eliminating special or discriminatory behaviours, recognising that each person is different.

Within the scope of these principles, MAPFRE Sigorta aims to establish a culture of respect for diversity and respect for people in all stakeholder relations.

Along with these, MAPFRE Sigorta;

  • To create action plans that promote effective gender equality and ensure professional development in an environment where everyone is offered equal opportunities,
  • To create integration plans for people with disabilities,
  • Raising awareness among employees about the different cultures and business methods in the countries where the company operates,
  • Promote mobility and foreign language learning among employees to enhance multiculturalism,
  • Facilitate co-operation between individuals from different generations so that they can contribute and enrich their work with different perspectives,
  • Adhering to the principle of diversity in relations between employees regardless of their position within the company and in relations between employees and customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders,
  • It undertakes to inform all its employees about its diversity policy and its commitment to this issue.

Disability Corporate Programme

MAPFRE Sigorta allocates 3% of its employment to disabled employees. The main lines of the Disability Corporate Programme are; creating a corporate culture sensitive to disability, offering more disabled candidates the opportunity to work, supporting the adaptation of employees with disabilities to work, and carrying out special activities for disabled people in our field of activity.

Empowerment of Women in Working Life

MAPFRE Sigorta is proud to have achieved many firsts in empowering women in working life. MAPFRE Sigorta was the first company in the insurance sector to be awarded the Equal Opportunity Model (FEM) Certificate by KAGIDER and was proud to be the first insurance company to be included in the list of Women Friendly Brands in the 2022 Awareness Awards of the Women Friendly Brands Platform.

As a signatory of the “Women’s Empowerment Principles”, MAPFRE Sigorta is committed to strategically increasing the ratio of female employees in managerial positions.

MAPFRE Sigorta implements the Women’s Leadership Programme to further develop the leadership skills of its female employees. The aim of this programme is to create a balanced leadership approach and to contribute to the impact that women managers create or want to create inside and outside the company.

The Women’s Leadership and Gender-Focused Diversity and Inclusion Programme received the Silver Award in the Leadership and Executive Development Programme category by the Training and Development Platform Association (TEGEP) and the Gold Award in the Women’s Leadership Development category at the Excellence Awards organised by the Brandon Hall Award Platform.

Today, the ratio of female employees at MAPFRE Sigorta is 54.33 percent, while the ratio of women in management positions is 47.6 percent.