Prevention and Road Safety

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Fundación MAPFRE aims to raise the awareness of society on road safety and thereby prevent all types of accidents and reduce injury rates. Fundación MAPFRE has prioritized its target to high-risk groups (children, young people, adults and the elderly) and defenseless groups (pedestrians and drivers of two-wheel vehicles) and works on various awareness programs for this purpose. The Foundation’s activities in this area focuses on training, awareness and research projects.

From 2012-2015, through the Rollover Simulator Project, which enables individuals to learn the importance of seat belts by experience, the Foundation reached nearly three thousand people in Turkey, most of whom were university students.
In order to teach the traffic rules to kids in an entertaining way, the theatre for children “Bıdık and Köpük in the Traffic” which was written considering the traffic problems in Turkey was performed in large stages and elementary schools between 2016 and 2018. The project aimed to emphasize the importance of traffic rules and to engender a love for the theatre among children. Over two years, more than seventeen thousand kids were reached with performances in large theaters in Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri, Antalya and Izmir. Also, the play put its name to something that’s never been done before in Turkey when it was performed on İDO’s Yenikapı – Bandırma and Bandırma – Yenikapı ferry services.

In the project, whose target audience is the children aged 5-14, “Ask, Discover, and Produce” methodology has been used with the collaboration of the Imagination Center. This methodology is created considering children’s questions, curiosities, and skills. In the first phase of the project, the volunteer teachers get a training on mentorship. Later, the teachers adopt this methodology to lead the kids to find out their skills and interests. Then, the kids create their communities and start producing projects.
“Smart Kids of the City” project is carrying out in 20 schools around Istanbul during 2018-2019 educational year. The project, in which 10 volunteer mentor teachers have already started to work, aims to reach hundreds of children through face-to-face and portal. It is also planned to reward the best road safety proposals of the students through the periodically organized contests.

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