Healthy Living at MAPFRE

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The “Healthy Living Program” aims to support the sustainment of a healthy lifestyle on the part of MAPFRE Group employees and their families through a number of initiatives and to raise awareness about healthy living.

On-site dietician service with company support

The HEALTHY LIVING Program offers dietician support for the employees and their family members who particularly suffer from weight problems to the extent that being overweight poses a health problem, as well as to those who wish to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Quit Smoking Seminars

The most successful quit smoking method, Allen Carr, is implemented twice a year within the framework of the Healthy Living Program, for groups of 10, at the Head Office or at Allen Carr center.

Physical Activities and Workshops

Various physical activities, including but not limited to yoga are organized at our Head Office, to provide a solution to lack of activity during the day and to bring sports activities closer, overcoming lack of time issues.

Psychological Counseling Support

We include psychological counseling support within the framework of the Healthy Living Program, in coordination with a contracted service provider.

Maternity preparation courses

With a view to preparing women who comprise 55% of our company workforce, for healthy motherhood, the maternity preparation courses offered by specialists are organized at a contracted service provider or at our own training hall, with company support.

Preventive Health Services

Within the framework of our preventive health activities, we offer awareness raising training and seminars on various health-related issues, as well as medical examinations and vaccination programs.