Performance Assessment System

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MAPFRE Group’s Performance Assessment System (PDS), as a strategic management and personal development tool, aims to serve as a guide for all MAPFRE Group employees, to ensure alignment of the duties they assume with our strategic plan and corporate objectives and to enable professional development.

In this context, MAPFRE Group Performance Assessment System focuses on facilitating an employee’s progress in his/her role, management/guidance to enable the achievement of his/her objectives and providing leadership, rather than the classical management perspectives entailing the issuance of instructions from supervisors to employees, and the monitoring of the implementation. The Global Performance Management System monitors how our company values and qualifications are exhibited in parallel to business objectives and supports the implementation of our equality principles by providing objective definitions of successful performance.

At MAPFRE GROUP, our supervisors serve as certified “Performance Coaches” in addition to their service in terms of management skills. The development of the performance of our employees and managers is encouraged on the basis of feedback and open communications via the Internal Coaching System.

It is crucial for us to make a most accurate assessment of and develop each individual member of the MAPFRE Group Family. Through our Performance Assessment System we aim to reflect our strategies in people management and to analyze the whole picture with a view to evaluating the results of practices and ultimately achieving improvements