Selection and Placement Process

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The Selection and Placement Process is one of the most crucial processes serving our objectives of becoming the most admirable firm and achieving employee satisfaction through effective compensation policies, leadership, robust management and high-performance corporate culture-producing customer satisfaction and service quality within MAPFRE GROUP.

The global selection and placement processes noted among the standards applicable to all MAPFRE companies around the globe, as well as the experienced human resources teams implementing such processes ensure the application of a very careful and diligent selection and placement process with a view to bringing in the required talent.

Our leading principle regarding selection and placement is to provide, without any discrimination or privileges, equal opportunities to candidates who exhibit the qualifications (expertise, skills, behavior) required for the task, and who will embrace and sustain the values of MAPFRE GROUP.

The strategic qualifications we expect of all MAPFRE employees and employee candidates, as well as the business family and level qualifications, are diligently assessed and considered during recruitment processes.