Training at MAPFRE Sigorta

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MAPFRE GROUP has embraced the responsibility for developing a work environment where its employees and sales channels all over the world can sustain their professional and individual development and can contribute to the strategic objectives of the organization.

At MAPFRE, we consider training not as an expense item, but as a means of investment to bring in substantial profits. That is why training and development activities are listed among MAPFRE’s strategic objectives.

Our training and development policy aims to identify and meet training needs to enable the development of our employees and agencies as well as their businesses, with a view to making them reach performance levels to serve the strategic objectives of our organization, our values and corporate culture.

We believe training is a right and a responsibility for all employees at all levels, as a factor to increase productivity in our business. All our managers happily assume the responsibility to train and educate the personnel reporting to them.

The training procedures developed in this context focus on the development and implementation of a corporate culture where service quality and customer satisfaction are among the outputs of the employees, where the best talent wishes to work and achieve lasting satisfaction due to the realization of their potential in terms of translating it into high performance, as well as the implementation of practices to support good management, leadership, effective rewarding policies and employee satisfaction.

In the same vein, we attach great importance to the development and implementation of special training programs for our sales channels, to ensure that they embrace our corporate values, to relay the information on our firm’s products, services and systems employing structured and effective methods, and to support their personal and professional development and expand their horizons in modern management sciences.

At MAPFRE GROUP, the participation in seminars and conventions to ensure increasing the level of knowledge, experience and skills regarding the employees’ functions, duties and responsibilities, with a view to achieving a higher level of effectiveness in their jobs, and hence continuous professional and personal development, alongside other education and on-the-job training activities is considered an element of the wider training function.

The training activities at MAPFRE are executed under the umbrella of the global MAPFRE University. The physical education complexes serving MAPFRE employees from all around the globe are CAMPUS MONTE DEL PILAR in Madrid, Spain, CAMPUS BRAZIL in Sao Paolo, and CAMPUS USA in Massachusetts. Our shared virtual campus, MAPFRE e-CAMPUS, also serves the objective of ensuring the development of our employees all around the globe.