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MİXTRAFİK offers coverage in a single package for compulsory traffic insurance, roadside assistance services, and repair support! As a comprehensive traffic insurance package, MİXTRAFİK combines Compulsory Traffic Insurance with a wide number of distinct coverage elements. It secures your vehicle with expanded roadside assistance services. The breakdown and damage assessment and repair support at service locations in the network, as well as substitute vehicle, mini-repair, tire repair, windshield replacement and much more are on offer. Furthermore, MİXTRAFİK package also includes transportation to the hospital in case of injury or sudden illness.

Providing coverage well beyond that of a conventional traffic insurance, MİXTRAFİK offers 3 distinct packages to meet various requirements. Choose one of these 3 packages offering different coverage, and enjoy extra security in traffic.

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What is the difference between MİXTRAFİK and Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

With MİXTRAFİK, you can enjoy alternative assistance services based on your chosen assistance plan, and secure your vehicle further with the breakdown/damage assessment support, substitute vehicle, mini repair, tire repair, windshield replacement, personal assistance, and vehicle assistance coverage at service locations in the network of the Damage Support Center.

Can the no-claims discount entitlement under MİXTRAFİK for a specific vehicle be transferred to my new vehicle?

Should you buy a new vehicle with the same usage type as the old one you have just sold, the no-claims discount you were entitled to on the earlier vehicle will be maintained in the insurance policy of the new vehicle as well. However, this rule does not apply for vehicles registered to a firm.

Will my no-claims discount entitlements remain in place if I switch insurance firms?
The no-claims discounts you were entitled to will remain in place even if you switch insurance firms.
Which usage types are covered by MİXTRAFİK?

MİXTRAFİK insurances can be issued for personal (private car) and truck use cases.